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Ah, Mull. Isle of Mull makes me a little sad. I was there with a friend, taking the bus on the one-laned road to the west side of the island, so we could go over to Iona, and she asked me why, in my opinion, there were no trees except in little patches, and I was forced to tell her that they'd all been cut down long ago.

Still, it's lovely, and Scotland has some amazing terrain.

Did you make it over to Iona?


You are right about the tree cutting. My wife noticed that, too. I was too busy watching for speeding cars and buses around the bends on the one track roads! Actually, the roads on Mull with the passing lanes were rather sensible and easier to negotiate with other drivers than similar small gauge roads in Ireland, particularly the fog shrouded Connor Pass on the Dingle Peninsula. Yikes, that was a scary drive. Had to have 8 pints in me to navigate that.

There was a scary road from Kilkenny to Cashel that was also bendy and narrow with screaming 18 wheelers on it. We invented a new phrase when somebody is planning to go off and do something crazy. You say, "Why don't you take a night ride out to Cashel then why don't ya?!"

Really wanted to take the boat to Iona, and regret it, but we ran short of time taking all those detours to Carsaig and Lochbuie to scout out those movie locations. Wanted to go out to Staffa to see Fingal's Cave as well, but we'll save both for next time. I'd love to go back and spend more time in the Hebrides.


Very nice. Very green. I need to get to the Old Sod someday.

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